Mrs Jeannette Brown

Accredited Practitioner

Restorative Approahes in Housing
Phone number: 07415798674


Jeannette is a specialist practitioner and trainer in restorative justice, having tailored the process to resolve neighbour conflicts within social housing. Jeannette successfully introduced restorative justice to social housing in 2006, managing neighbour disputes using the approach within the Community Safety Unit of one of the UK's largest housing associations.

In 2012 Jeannette established Restorative Approaches in Housing (RAIH) with co-director, John Stevenson, providing training nationally to Housing Associations. RAIH is also instructed to provide a casework service where restorative justice (or mediation) is offered to neighbours who are in dispute. Jeannette also delivers restorative justice training on behalf of Restorative Solutions CIC.

Areas of Practice:

Community, Criminal Justice, Sensitive and Complex, Workplace, Youth Justice