Practice requirements

To be listed on the RJC's Practitioner Register, you must either:

  • have completed restorative facilitation training within the last 12 months 


  • have delivered at least one restorative process (either formal or informal, direct or indirect) within the last 12 months

You can provide restorative processes in a paid or in a voluntary capacity.

Accredited Practitioners

Accredited Practitioners must facilitate at least one formal process each year. The process can be either direct or indirect.

Practitioners applying for Direct Accreditation through the RJC will need to demonstrate their experience during the application process.

Practitioners can apply for temporary withdrawal of Accredited Practitioner status where they will not be able to maintain the status - for example if taking long-term leave or a career break. Tell us about the reasons for the request and most likely length of the withdrawal by emailing