The RJC launches Moving on, a new film about restorative justice

node leader
16 April 2015

The RJC is pleased to announce the launch of Moving on, a short film about restorative justice. Produced by the award-winning team at Catsnake Film, Moving on brings to life the way many victims continue to suffer the effects of crime long after the event and how restorative justice can help.

Moving on shows Lucy, the victim of a mugging, replaying events endlessly in her mind. Only when she meets the mugger in a restorative justice conference is she able to put the incident behind her – it gives her a chance to explain the impact of the crime, and humanises him in the process.

Jon Collins, the RJC’s CEO, said: “We know that restorative justice can make a real difference to victims, helping them to put a traumatic experience behind them and move on with their lives. Yet too many victims of crime don’t know about restorative justice and are therefore not in a position to access its benefits. This film is intended to raise victims’ awareness of restorative justice and we hope that it will help us to spread the word about the positive difference restorative justice can make to victims’ lives.”

Watch Moving on here.