News: May 2015

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New RJC film, A victim’s guide to restorative justice, explains access to restorative services

26 May 2015

The Restorative Justice Council has launched A victim’s guide to restorative justice, a new film for victims of crime explaining the different points in the criminal justice system where they can access restorative justice. It also tells them who they can contact if they want to make use of this approach.

The film uses animation to simply convey what can be a complicated process, and is aimed at victims who are considering restorative justice but may have questions about what to do next.

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First police force achieves RSQM

20 May 2015

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Tameside Division has become the first police force to achieve the Restorative Service Quality Mark (RSQM).

The award recognises the good quality, safe and sustainable restorative service provided by the police force, which joins 17 other RSQM awardees from sectors including criminal justice, education and care.

Gary Coglan, GMP’s restorative justice development officer, said: “The RSQM has ensured that our restorative justice services are of the exceptional national standard that victims of crime deserve. 

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New film shows restorative justice in action

11 May 2015

The RJC and Why me? have co-produced Recovering from crime – restorative justice in action, a new film providing an insight into what a real restorative justice conference looks like.