News: Jul 2014

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Interview with Jon Collins, RJC CEO

18 July 2014

After 50 days in his new role, the RJC’s chief executive officer, Jon Collins, has spoken about his plans for the future of the organisation and its role within the restorative field. Outlining current priorities, he says:

“While there’s quite a lot of support for restorative justice now within the criminal justice context, I think that there’s work to do at the national level in other sectors - for example, in education, in care homes, in other areas where people come into conflict - to make sure that restorative practices can be rolled out across all those areas.”

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New restorative justice film released

14 July 2014

Reparing the Harm is a new film from Why Me? to encourage victims of crime to consider taking part in restorative justice.  The film makes the convincing case that restorative justice can offer great benefits and peace of mind to those affected by a crime.

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IPPR report recommends putting restorative justice at the heart of the criminal justice process

1 July 2014

The Restorative Justice Council (RJC) welcomes the new IPPR report, Everyday Justice, which recommends a radical expansion in the use of restorative justice (RJ) throughout the criminal justice system in England and Wales. The IPPR report recommends that RJ is used as a default option at many points of the criminal justice process. This is something the RJC has campaigned for over many years and has the potential to make a significant difference in our approach to crime.