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The following Individuals and Organisations have joined us on our journey to ensure the availability of high quality restorative justice for all.

To see a list of those Individuals or Organisations who demonstrate that they meet the National Standards we set for practice/service delivery, please use the links below:

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Display Name Member Type
Ms Lisa Day Individual
Mrs Shelley Deutsch Individual
Mrs Jan Dimond Individual
Miss Louise Dobson Individual
Ms Sophie Docker Individual
Lisa Doherty-Ball Individual
Mr Ray Donovan MBE Individual
Dr Katherine Doolin Individual
Ms Roisin Doran Individual
Miss Gillian Dowds Individual
Dr Gerard Drennan Individual
Ms Samantha Duncalf Individual
Mrs Annette Duncan Individual
Mrs Sandi Durnford-Slater Individual
Ms Annika Eadie-Catling Individual
Miss Maggie Eno Individual
Laura Esty Individual
Mrs Jodie Fenemer Individual
Mrs Victoria Finnigan-Lord Individual
Mrs Charlotta Gare Individual
Miss Melissa Garner Individual
Ms Samantha Garvie Individual
Dr Imbenzi George Individual
Miss Mollie Georgiou Individual
Miss Becky Giles Individual
Mr Andrew Gill Individual
Mr Nathan Gillespie Individual
Mrs Emma Goddard Individual
Mrs Ines Gomes Individual
Ms Judith Gorge Individual
Mrs Katarzyna Grabka Individual
Ms Maggie Graeber Individual
Mrs Claire Grant Individual
Ms Polly Green Individual
Mr Steven Green Individual
Dr Anna Gregory Individual
Mr Clifford Grimason Individual
Ms Sara Hagel Individual
Mrs Bridget Alyson Halcrow Individual
Mrs Angela Hall Individual
Miss Darcey Hambly Individual
Miss Abby Hare Individual
Mr TIm Hartup Individual
Mrs Tereza Harvey Individual
Mr Gerrard Hassler Individual
Mr Martin Havelock Individual
Mrs Jennifer Hawkins Individual
Mrs Susan Hepworth Individual
Mr Stephen Heslop Individual
Miss Anna Hill Individual
Mr Christopher Hill Individual
Ms Julie Hilt Individual
Dr Jonathan Hobson Individual
Mrs Carrie Hogger Individual
Ms Karen Holgate Individual
Mr Peter Horton Individual
Mr Anthony David Houlston Clark Individual
Ms Julia Houlston Clark Individual
Mrs Joanne Hughes Individual
Ms Geraldine Humphreys Individual
Mr Alex Hyatt Individual
Ms Najah Ismael Individual
Mr Phill Iveson Individual
Mrs Samantha James Individual
Ms Yolanda Jansen Individual
Mrs Deborah Jarvis Individual
Dr Sarah Jenkins Individual
Ms Frances Jessie Individual
Mrs Ioana Jigau Individual
Mrs Zoe Johnson-Marsh Individual
Ms Jennifer Jones Individual
Miss Ladean Jones Individual
Ms Tanya Jones Individual
Miss Claire Joule Individual
Mr Andy King Individual
Mr Lindsay Kirk Individual
Ms Jen Kohan Individual
Mrs Jane Langley Individual
Mrs Sarah Le Good Individual
Ms Kira Le-Botos Individual
Mrs Deirdre Leask Individual
Mrs Emma Leeman Individual
Ms Gemma Leeming Individual
Ms Karen Liebenguth Individual
Dr Marian Liebmann Individual
Ms Helen Lord Individual
Ms Inger Brit Lowater Individual
Ms Joanna Luck Individual
Ms Oliva Lyons Individual
Mrs Lara Maclean Individual
Mrs Judy Magill Individual
Mrs Hannah Marr Individual
Ms Lynda Martin Alegi Individual
Ms Rebecca Mason Individual
Mr Simon Mason Individual
Ms Susan Matthews Individual
Mrs Caroline Mcardle Individual
Ms Louise McBrearty Individual
Mr Karl McCaughey Individual