Introductory Schools Restorative Approaches Training



Introductory Schools Restorative Approaches Training



This course is run by Restorative Justice 4 Schools one of the leading training providers of Restorative Approaches/Justice training to schools within Britain. Our personal experience of implementing a restorative approach comes from working directly within schools, this allows us to contextualise the implementation and delivering of restorative outcomes to pupils and staff and talk about any barriers you are likely to meet and how to overcome them.

This one-day Restorative Approaches training will introduce how your school can use a restorative option to build community and manage conflict. On Completion of the training delegates will be able to:

  • Implement a restorative language and vocabulary within their school.
  • Deliver a restorative chat to manage low level conflict between peers/peers or peers/staff
  • Restorative approaches and classroom management
  • Plan the implementation of a restorative approach within their schools.
  • Understand which roles need to be involved and how this can be achieved.
  • Understand the principles of restorative justice and the wider educational approach.
  • Have a clear understanding of how restorative approaches can:-
    • Build community
    • Enhance a positive learning environment
    • Produce positive outcomes for young people in conflict
    • Develop support for pupils with SEND to engage them in positive strategies to manage behaviour and friendships
    • Bring a sanction system and a restorative approach together
    • Reduce exclusions, removal from class, bullying, detentions and disruptive behaviour
    • Promote emotional literacy, truth telling, responsibility, accountability & conflict resolution skills

We also have a free school’s implementation pack that can be downloaded via our website by CLICKING HERE 



COST: Price £150 per delegate - £275 for two delegates - £350 for three delegates

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