International Practise Exchange

Connecting restorative practitioners globally


The RJC's aim is to build an international network of restorative practitioners, organisations and individuals to share practice, learn from each other and together, create a platform for exchanging knowledge. The RJC has a growing international membership; whilst there are many similarities in our practise, there is also much we can learn from our global colleagues. Following our successful UK Learning Tour,hosted in partnership with the Korea Peacebuilding Institute, we are expanding this concept to deliver a series of online forums bring together practitioners from across the globe.

Whist bringing practitioners together face-to-face may seem a long way in the future, we can remain #strongertogether in a virtual world.

This network will connect like minded individuals from across the globe to develop and grow their practice.

Network Aims for 2020

  • To provide a space for practitioners to connect, share and develop practice
  • To host three international practise exchange events

Network Benefits

  • Opportunities to connect with like minded individuals
  • Opportunities to participate in working groups to develop guidance and resources
  • Invitations to international events, seminars, webinars and CPD opportunities
  • Receive regular network specific newsletters



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