How do I become an Accredited Practitioner?

To be eligible to become accredited you need:

  • To join the RJC as an Associate Practitioner.
  • At least one year's experience of restorative working or volunteering.
  • To have facilitated a significant number of restorative processes to completion. We recommend at least five, including at least three face to face meetings.
  • To confirm that you will adhere to the RJC Practitioner Code of Practice.
  • To demonstrate that your skills and knowledge meet the restorative practice National Occupational Standards (NOS).

There are two routes to accreditation:

Direct Accreditation by the RJC

To achieve Direct Accreditation you will need to apply to the RJC and provide evidence of how your skills and knowledge satisfy RJC criteria. You can find futher information about the Direct Accreditation application process here.

Accreditation via qualification       

You can also become accredited by completing the following RJC recognised qualifications:

Renewing your accreditation

Accredited Practitioner status lasts for two years and can be renewed after that period by providing evidence of your continuing professional development.

Download a leaflet about practitioner accreditation here.