Evidence your learning

To remain on the RJC's Practitioner Register you must tell us about any continuing professional development (CPD) activities you complete each year.

You can update your CPD log at any time during the year and we will remind you to complete it before your membership is due for renewal.

CPD activities can include:

  • Reflective practice – writing a reflective account based on your own restorative practice during the last year (you must include at least one example of reflective practice from a restorative case you have worked on in your CPD log each year).

  • Attending seminars, conferences, workshops and training courses relevant to your practice.

  • Presenting at seminars, conferences or workshops.

  • Reading or writing articles, papers or books related to areas of restorative practice.

  • Taking part in research in a relevant subject area.

  • Receiving supervision or mentoring which enhances learning and development (peer review).

  • Mentoring, supervision or coaching of others in restorative practice.

  • Work-based learning, which may include work shadowing, reflecting on experience or feedback from service users.

  • Training, lecturing or teaching, only where this has impacted on your own practice in delivering restorative interventions as a practitioner. CPD activities that relate to your development in the delivery of training, lecturing or teaching will not be accepted.

  • Attending practitioner network meetings.

  • Qualifications or other forms of personal study in a relevant subject area.

For each CPD activity, please tell us:

  • When the activity took place.

  • What the activity was.

  • What you learned.

  • What difference it will make to your practice.

Reflective practice

Remember, you must provide the RJC with at least one example of reflective practice from a restorative case you have worked on during the previous year.

The main aim is to describe the impact the case has had on your own practice, not on the participants involved.

See examples of CPD and reflective practice logs