Events & Courses

June 1, 2022
to June 1, 2022

A peer support group to discuss good practice and issues that case supervisors face.

June 7, 2022
to June 21, 2022

This training takes an in depth look at the restorative approach, equipping participants with the skills to manage a range of situations and to think about how their organisation can incorporate this highly effective approach to promote change. It is delivered over ten, 90 minute modules. and is suitable for people of all experience levels.

June 9, 2022
to June 9, 2022

Dr Kerry Clamp (University of Nottingham) and A/PS Russ Massie (Thames Valley Violence Reduction Unit) will share insights on restorative policing from their research and professional experience.

Kerry will discuss some of her academic research on the topic and Russ will talk about work within the Thames Valley to use restorative approaches.

June 14, 2022
to June 14, 2022

How can we be better at explaining restorative justice and practice to people and sharing the impact it can make?

June 27, 2022
to July 1, 2022


This Connect CPD event provides those working at all levels of practice across the restorative sector access to 20hrs of CPD activities. Run over 5 days, delegates will have the opportunity to participate in a range of CPD sessions including Effective supervision; Working restoratively in a range of settings; Restorative leadership; Working restoratively with families and Keeping ourselves and others safe.