Restorative Practice Facilitator Training Course

Approved Course - Foundation Level

This intensive three-day Restorative Practice Facilitator Training Course, also offered by way of 10 Online Modules, explores the ethos and values of Restorative Practice, its origins and application across a diversity of settings.

Participants will consider the neuroscience of conflict, empathy and shame and the concept of emotional literacy. The context for much of the behaviour they will witness in their work is also explored, alongside the diversity of responses evidenced in society when conflict occurs. The course participants consider the able use of the Restorative Questions and the Art of Engagement. They undertake skills practice to evidence capacity for safe, effective Restorative Practice Facilitation with parties in dispute. The place for this skill set in the participant's work is examined and their ongoing requirements for coaching support and skills development are recognised and planned for.

Contact: Janine Carroll, Director
Address: 2 Stamford Square, London SW15 2BF
Tel: 07553 820887
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Delivered by: Restorative Now
Areas Course Delivered: London, Online, International