Restorative Justice Facilitation in Sensitive and Complex Cases

Approved Course - Intermediate Level

In this course you’ll learn the skills and knowledge you need to facilitate Sensitive and Complex Restorative Justice cases. These are defined by the Restorative Justice Council as cases involving:

• Actual, or threats of, serious or sexual violence
• Vulnerable participants for example, vulnerable because of physical disability, age or mental
• Domestic abuse
• Harm caused over a substantial period of time (over three years)
• More than three perpetrators and/or more than three victims
• Risk of continuing harm or intention to cause further harm
• Multiple agencies
This course covers the areas required by the RJC for Sensitive and Complex case training:
• The definitions of sensitive and complex cases
• Identification of cases that are sensitive and complex
• The importance of multi-agency partnership working and supervision
• Enhanced risk assessments
• Enhanced skills set and knowledge
• Trauma informed practice and vicarious trauma
• Mental health and learning needs
• Co-working, mentoring and reflective learning in relation to sensitive and complex cases
• Support and specialist supervision for practitioners undertaking sensitive and or complex cases

This course is available for delivery across England and Wales.

We are a Registered Training Provider with the Restorative Justice Council and this course has been approved for delivery by the RJC.

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Delivered by: Probation Services Wales