Restorative Justice Facilitator Training

Approved Course - Foundation Level

Learn the practical skills to become a Restorative Justice facilitator in this 3-day intensive course, delivered by a team from within the criminal justice system who have worked on the front lines with over 1,000 restorative justice cases.

This Restorative Justice Facilitation course covers:

• Restorative Justice - theory, evidence and principles
• The complete Restorative Justice process, from case referral to conference
• Preparing victims and perpetrators for a Restorative Intervention
• Risk management and data protection in Restorative Justice practice
• Active listening and engagement skills
• Direct and indirect Restorative Justice
• Conference facilitation and the Restorative script

The focus is on developing your practical skills as a Restorative Justice facilitator so you’ll feel confident to go ahead with facilitating cases. It includes case studies based on real life examples, and a range of opportunities to practice facilitation.

This course is available for delivery across England and Wales.

We are a Registered Training Provider with the Restorative Justice Council and this course has been approved for delivery by the RJC.

Course contact details:

Delivered by: Probation Services Wales