Restorative Justice Conferencing Facilitator Certification Workshop

If you’re at all interested or involved in having to respond to conflict in your workplace, or workplace conflict more generally, then the upcoming June Restorative Justice Conferencing Facilitator Certification Workshop, being held over 3 days in London, is a not to be missed opportunity.

RJ4All, as an organisation committed to sharing knowledge and best practices on restorative justice between academics and practitioners, is pleased to be co-hosting this workshop with ProActive ReSolutions.

ProActive ReSolutions has pioneered an approach to workplace relations that is changing the way we think about and approach conflict resolution. The effectiveness of ProActive’s Restorative Justice Conferencing has been validated by numerous international studies, including the UK’s largest Randomly Controlled Trial. As a result this approach has been adopted in workplaces, criminal justice systems and communities around the world. The trainer is John McDonald, internationally respected as the world’s foremost thinker and trainer in using RJ Conferencing to resolve even the most entrenched and complex workplace conflicts. 

Learning Objectives

After completing the training, you will be able to:

  • Explain ProActive’s RJ Conferencing and how it differs from other processes
  • Advise when an RJ Conference is appropriate and when it is not
  • Persuade those caught up in a workplace conflict to participate in an RJ Conference
  • Undertake preliminary interviews and prepare people for the RJ Conference
  • Facilitate the RJ Conference using newly acquired skills and techniques that are also applicable in preventing workplace conflict Prepare a written plan with the group that forms the basis for an Agreement where people are held accountable for future behaviour
  • Prepare a written report
  • Ensure the Agreement reached to change behaviour is implemented and sustained over time

Workshop Agenda

The three-day training will consist of lectures, facilitated dialogue, demonstration sessions and experiential learning opportunities.

All participants receive a comprehensive, easy to use Facilitator’s Manual, subscription to ProActive’s Newsletters and access to expert advice following the training.

Cost: £900 + VAT

8 Jun 2015 9:00am through 10 Jun 2015 4:30pm
In Tuition House
210 Borough High Street
London, SE1 1JX
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Organiser: Ms Grace Loseby