Three-day IIRP Europe facilitating restorative conferences: skills training

This IIRP Europe training course delivered by SynRJ prepares participants to facilitate restorative practices and restorative justice conferences to a high skill level.

This IIRP Europe training course delivered by SynRJ prepares participants to facilitate Restorative Practices and Restorative Justice Conferences to a high skill level.

Course Overview

This course prepares participants to run restorative justice conferences and to use restorative practices in their everyday roles.


  • brings together all those affected by conflict allows participants to come to a shared understanding provides a safe environment for the expression of emotion provides opportunities to rebuild damaged relationships rebuilds relationships and strengthens communities processes can be used proactively or reactively can be used within existing systems when experienced, advance on to SynRJ's 'sensitive and complex cases'
  • pursue personal accreditation


  • continuum of practice
  • focuses upon restorative conferences with cases involving acknowledged harm and accepted responsibility introduces conferencing of cases where there is unacknowledged harm and/or unaccepted responsibility using the restorative conferencing script preparation of participants practical relevant role-play opportunities the role of the facilitator

Agenda and materials

  • group exercises to practice facilitating conferences
  • RJConferencing feedback from experienced restorative facilitators exercises to look at dealing with acknowledged harm instructional videos and discussion instructional books:
  • Restorative Justice Conferencing - combines:
  • Real Justice (restorative conference case studies) Conferencing Handbook (the restorative conference training manual) a 'Student Course Workbook'
  • accreditation opportunities

Each day runs 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. (Registration 8:30 - 9:00 a.m.)

Refreshments and lunch provided

Cost: £275 + Vat @ 20%


15 Oct 2018 9:00am   through   17 Oct 2018 5:00pm
New Road Baptist Church
Bonn Square
Oxford, OX1 1LQ

Organiser: SynRJ