Restorative approaches in education, youth and community settings

A five day residential course delivered by Transforming Conflict

A five day residential course delivered by Caroline Newton, Lead Trainer with Transforming Conflict

Date: 11 - 15 June 2018

Venue: Holiday Inn, Reading West

Padworth Lane, Bath Road, Reading RG7 5HT

Aims and Objectives:

  • Identify the key values, principles and themes that underpin all restorative engagements
  • Learn how to transform relationships by addressing difficult conversations, conflicts, bullying, challenging behaviour, anti-social behaviour, criminal behaviour, as well as low level disruption in ways that ensure people feel heard, the needs of all those involved are met and the harm repaired
  • Develop responses that can reduce the use of, and need for, punitive responses whilst still offering closure to all those affected
  • Practice running circle processes to help you build a sense of community amongst young people and/or staff teams, to develop trust and mutual respect, and to enhance confidence and problem-solving skills
  • Consider how to integrate restorative language and approaches into teaching and learning, report writing and record keeping, when working with individuals, teams and families
  • Make the links between restorative approaches and the development of the social and emotional literacy and skills of staff and young people to enhance effective teaching and learning.

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11 Jun 2018 9:30am   through   15 Jun 2018 5:00pm