IIRP Europe - Facilitating Restorative Conferences: Skills Training - North West England

This training course prepares participants to facilitate Restorative Practices and Restorative Justice Conferences to a high skill level. Details U.K. events includes 20% VAT.

Facilitating Restorative Conferences: Skills Training (3 days)

RJC Approved TrainingLearn to facilitate
restorative conferences, in which everyone impacted by wrongdoing can share how they have been affected and have a say in how to repair the harm. This formal circle is used to address negative incidents and fosters more positive outcomes than mere punishment, in education, criminal justice, youth work, organisational and other settings. Our 3-day Skills Training prepares participants to run restorative justice conferences and to use restorative practices in their everyday roles.

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4 Apr 2017 12:00am   through   6 Apr 2017 12:00am
Event fee £ 410.00