Restorative Justice Conference Facilitation Training

[2nd, 10th, 18th, 22nd November 2021 - This is our usual three-day training but will be delivered on-line via Zoom over four shorter days to ensure maximum engagement and opportunity to ask questions.

This course will be run by Restorative Justice 4 Schools one of the leading training providers of Restorative Approaches/Justice training to schools within Britain.  Our personal experience of implementing a restorative approach comes from working directly within schools, this allows us to contextualise the implementation and delivering of restorative outcomes to pupils and staff and talk about any barriers you are likely to meet and how to overcome them

Our four-day Restorative Justice Conference Facilitation training will enable delegates to build the necessary skills to use formal restorative justice conference facilitation to resolve conflict and repair harm within an Education setting. We explore the benefits restorative language and how a shared vocabulary can build communication skills. We will also look at how to build restorative outcomes for challenging and vulnerable pupils, we have delivered number of long term projects directly into schools struggling with behaviour and have developed a 1-1 support programme that will underpin the work that is done by the classroom teacher and pastoral staff within the school. Delegates also have the opportunity to look at how to use restorative circles and informal restorative chats to create a positive learning environment rich in emotional literacy and conflict resolution skills whilst recognising the immense pressure that schools face for RA to be both timely and effective.  During the training we will consider:

Restorative Approaches  Restorative Justice Conferencing
Shared Language  Positive Outcomes from Conferencing
Restorative Circles  Conference Engagement
Restorative Learning Agreements    Conference Preparation
Building Community    1-1 Support Sessions for Challenging Pupils
Developing Responsibility    RA and pupils with Special Needs
Accountability      How to manage RJ and Sanctions        

On Completion of the training delegates will be able to:

  • Asses, engage, prepare and deliver informal restorative justice conferences to pupils and staff to reduce conflict and change behaviours creating a permanent sustainable outcome.
  • Asses, engage, prepare and deliver formal restorative justice conferences to pupils, parents and staff to reduce conflict, exclusions and change behaviours creating a permanent sustainable outcome.
  • How to deliver 1-1 support sessions to pupils with challenging behaviour in the classroom/playground or with peers
  • Implement an administration system to document and evidence the restorative work undertaken at your school and measure its outcomes.
  • Plan the implementation of a restorative approach within their schools
  • Deliver a restorative chat for manage low level conflict between peers/peers or peers/staff
  • Implement a restorative language and vocabulary within their school.
  • Understand which roles need to be involved and how this can be achieved.
  • Understand the principles of restorative justice and the wider educational approach.
  • Have a clear understanding of how to bring a sanction system and a restorative approach together to reducing bullying and create viable positive alternative to exclusions and other sanctions that change behaviour and create accountability.

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2nd, 10th, 18th, 22nd November 2021


COST: £450 per delegate - £875 for two delegates - reduced to £1,250 for three delegates


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This event is being hosted by an RJC member organisation. It is not delivered by, or on behalf of, the RJC.

2 Nov 2021 9:00am through 22 Nov 2021 4:00pm