Free Restorative Justice Webinar

24th May 2021 – 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm Free Restorative Justice 4 Schools and Youth Resilience UK Webinar

This event will be run jointly by Lynne Russell and Kelly Walker of Restorative Justice 4 Schools and Youth Resilience UK. 

Restorative Justice 4 Schools is one of the leading training providers of Restorative Approaches/Justice training to schools within Britain and Europe.  Our personal experience of implementing a restorative approach comes from working directly within schools, this allows us to contextualise the implementation and delivery of restorative outcomes to pupils and staff and talk about any barriers you are likely to meet and how to overcome them. 

Youth Resilience UK is a community interest company founded by Lynne Russell and Kelly Walker to deliver direct support, services and a wide range of training to young people in any area of our community to develop emotional, behavioural and physiological resilience. We passionately believe that restorative justice and its wider approaches create a framework to change young people lives for the better by giving them the skills to make positive changes and choices.

Each month we host a webinar for staff working with young people, parents and young volunteers to attend and join in with the guest speakers on discussing the workings of education and behaviour management.

24th May RJ4Schs and YRUK Webinar – Restorative Justice in a Youth Justice setting.

About this Event 

This session will look at the need for restorative justice at every level in the youth justice system.  From restorative cautions, referral orders to restorative practice in youth offending institutions.  It will explore the link between behaviour in schools, exclusions and offending behaviour. 


24th May - 7.30pm - 9.00pm


Free to attend




This event is being hosted by an RJC member organisation. It is not delivered by, or on behalf of, the RJC.

24 May 2021 7:30pm through  9:00 PM