Why me? awarded Registered Service Provider status

Having held the RJC’s Restorative Service Quality Mark (RSQM) since 2016, we are pleased to announce that Why me? has been awarded Registered Service Provider status. By achieving this status, Why me? have demonstrated their continued commitment to delivering high quality restorative practice to nationally agreed standards.

Why me?’s mission is "to open up greater access to restorative justice for all victims of crime" through innovative restorative solutions which benefit the whole community, reduce harm and resolve conflict. Leaders have demonstrated throughout the registration process that they have implemented robust policies and procedures which enable their Registered Practitioners to facilitate high quality, safe and effective restorative practice.

As part of their Service Provider Registration, five practitioners were assessed against the RJC’s Registered Practitioner Framework. The RJC and Why me? are delighted to confirm that Linda Millington has been awarded Advanced Registered Practitioner status. Alongside this, Mark Smith, Jennifer Jones and Gail Waite have been awarded Intermediate Registered Practitioner status and Shelly Deutsch has been awarded Foundation Registered Practitioner status.

Jim Simon, the RJC’s chief executive said:

“I would like to congratulate Why me? and their Registered Practitioners on their achievement. They have demonstrated through the registration process that they are committed to providing access to high quality, safe and effective restorative practice.”

Lucy Jaffe, Director of Why me? said:

“Why me? are delighted to be recognised by the Restorative Justice Council as a registered Restorative Service provider. Achieving this status has been a huge team effort led by Deputy Director Linda Millington, which has involved our staff and volunteer facilitator team. I would like to thank everyone, particularly the volunteers, for their important contribution to our groundbreaking restorative work. The registration process has given us the opportunity to review our service and be certain that the work we do is restorative, safe and quality assured.”

You can find out more about Why me? by visiting their website here.

You can also contact them via email info@why-me.org or by telephoning 07704 307 822