We want to hear your views on the future direction of the RJC

The Restorative Justice Council is entering into the second stage of its formal review into its practices, assessing its communication, engagement and overall strategy. This second part of our review has incorporated your initial feedback into how the RJC operates and we would now like to invite feedback from our members and other stakeholders about how we can improve the organisation and continue to accommodate a broad and diverse membership.

This formal review will be undertaken by external consultants who will conduct a series of online focus groups in order to delve deeper into these topics. These stage 2 focus groups will commence on the week of the 11th April.

We have already had great interest from our members regarding involvement in these sessions. Places however are limited so please contact evaluations@restorativejustice.org.uk as soon as possible should you wish to be involved.

As in the first stage, an online feedback form will also be available on the RJC website.