The RJC continues to support the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Restorative Justice

We are delighted to announce that they RJC have submitted an application to serve on the Advisory Board of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Restorative Justice for the upcoming year. The formation of the new Advisory Board will take place on the 9th February 2024.

Chief Executive of the RJC, Jim Simon, said 'It is an honour to keep providing support for the APPG's efforts. We have dedicated both our time and resources to ensure that the impactful work of the APPG, with the aid of the Advisory Board, carries weight in policy discourse at Westminster.' He added 'It is very much welcomed that the Advisory Board arrangement for crafting restorative justice policy in the UK, overseen by Elliot Colburn MP, the Chairman of the APPG, has undergone revisions. This allows for a wider range of organisations to join and contribute to this important effort.'

In an open letter to prospective APPG members, Elliot Colburn MP said 'We take immense pride in being recognised as one of the most successful All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) in Westminster when it comes to raising awareness. Our track record is a testament to our Advisory Board’s commitment to shining a spotlight on the issues that matter.'

Together with the members of the APPG, our CEO has help devise a range of ambitious initiatives to address in the coming year. These include:

Developing future RJ policies
Promoting RJ in the criminal justice system
Implementing RJ practices across the home nations
Incorporating RP into youth and education settings
Utilising RP in health and social care contexts
Collaborating restoratively with communities

The Advisory Board will take charge of establishing action plans for each of these initiatives.

When asked about why other organisations across the restorative sector should consider applying to join the Advisory Board, our CEO said 'This is the perfect moment to become a member of one of the most successful All-Party Groups in Westminster. Working closely with politicians and peers on matters that have a direct impact on the sector is incredibly valuable. I highly recommend anyone with an interest in influencing the future of restorative justice in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland to contemplate joining us.'

You are invited to apply for a position on the Advisory Board for the upcoming year. Please find the application letter and form available for download below.