Remedi – Restorative Services awarded Registered Training Provider status

The RJC is pleased to announce that Remedi – Restorative Services have been awarded Registered Training Provider status.

Operational since 1996, Remedi are a restorative justice service and training provider working in prisons, schools, youth offending teams and in partnership with police, probation and social care to deliver restorative practice-based initiatives. These range from supporting victims of crime, victims of domestic abuse, specialised youth services, mentoring and working with families.

Building on their front-line work, Remedi have developed a suite of practical training courses to support and empower professionals to be restorative in their practice. This includes developing tailored courses for a diverse range of professionals including prison officers, police officers, housing workers, social workers and family support workers, school staff, young people, youth justice workers and many more. 

Commissioned training is meticulously planned to ensure it meets the needs of the commissioner and course participants

RJC Registration Decision Report (Dec 21)

Each course starts by asking participants to self-reflect and think about who they are, what they are trying to do and what emotional, physical and systemic barriers can prevent them working WITH others.

From this starting point, participants reflect outward to the implications and applications of being restorative in their context, whether that is in the form of one-to-one support, group facilitation or circle and conference facilitation. Courses look at how being restorative enables others to feel SAFE, VALUEDHEARD and INCLUDED and brings them into a space where they too can work WITH

This ethos is reflected within Remedi’s training offer. Preferring to work WITH customers to assess need, develop learning goals and design tailored training programmes that meet their needs, Remedi does not ‘off the rack’ courses.

Bespoke training currently offered includes:

  • Introduction to Being Restorative 
  • Being Restorative in schools 
  • Being Restorative in social care 
  • Being Restorative WITH looked after children 
  • Being Restorative WITH victims of crime to support cope and recovery 
  • Being Restorative WITH survivors of domestic violence 
  • Being Restorative WITH families 
  • Being Restorative WITH communities 
  • Being a Restorative Leader 
  • Being a Restorative Mentor 
  • Being an Inclusive Restorative Practitioner 
  • Being a Trauma Informed Restorative Practitioner 
  • Safeguarding and Being Restorative 
  • Being a Restorative Justice Facilitator
  • Being a Restorative Justice Facilitator WITH sensitive and complex cases 
  • Being Restorative in Youth Justice (incorporating the above training plus whole YJS approaches, leadership training, intervention design and our own referral order process ‘Making it Right’ panels) 
  • Being Restorative in prisons 
  • Being a Restorative police officer 

All courses draw on Remedi’s extensive restorative work and include exercises and activities which can be replicated by course participants in their own work. 

Jim Simon, the RJC’s chief executive said:

“I am delighted that Remedi – Restorative Services have been awarded the RJC’s Registered Training Provider status. By meeting the standards set out in our Registered Training Provider Framework, course participants and commissioners can be confident in the quality of training being provided.”

Gavin Hudson, Remedi – Restorative Services Training and Development Manager said:

“We already had great feedback from our training customers but achieving registered status with the RJC allows us to provide external confirmation to commissioners that they are purchasing quality training.”

To find out more about Remedi – Restorative Services training offer, visit their website or contact them directly via email or by telephoning 0114 2536669.