Martina Jordan Restorative Practices awarded Registered Training Provider status

We are pleased to announce that Martina Jordan has been awarded Registered Training Provider status.

Martina Jordan provides training and consultancy in restorative practices focusing on resolving conflict and building better relationships within organisations.

Martina has provided evidence of an excellent understanding of restorative practice theory and demonstrated how this can be delivered in the form of competent, safe, and inclusive training to others.

RJC Registration Decision Report (July 23)

Based in Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland, Martina Jordan has over 20 years’ experience in delivering restorative processes and training within schools, criminal justice, workplaces, and sporting organisations locally, nationally, and internationally. Her expert training provides participants with the skills to facilitate responsible, respectful, and effective restorative interventions. 

When asked why she decided to apply for RJC Training Provider Registration, Martina said “I wanted to ensure that I am delivering an optimum standard of consultation and training rather than relying on evaluations and feedback. I viewed this route as a 'critical friend', challenging me to reflect on how to best meet the needs of my wide range of learners.”

She went on to say that the process helped her focus on tailoring her training to learners, from a spectrum of areas of practice.

Martina concluded by saying “I am delighted to have Registered Status with the Restorative Justice Council and being endorsed as providing high quality training. It's also reassuring that the RJC will continue to support me, ensuring that the organisations I work with can be confident of receiving a high standard of service.”

Jim Simon, the RJC’s Chief Executive said:

“Martina Jordan demonstrated throughout the rigorous assessment process that she has met the standards set out in our Registered Training Provider Framework. It was clear throughout the assessment process that Martina is skilled in tailoring her training so that it is responsive to the needs of her attendees and those commissioning her services. This is particularly important when providing training across multiple sectors where needs will inevitably vary. Martina has demonstrated her commitment to ensuring that her training programmes are designed and delivered in line with our rigorous national standards. Those accessing training delivered by Martina Jordan can be confident in the quality of training being provided.”

To find out more about how Martina Jordan can support you, contact Martina at or visit her website at