Consortium Launch

We are delighted to announce our strategic partnership with Restorativ, a Community Interest Company, to bring Restorative Justice technology to the market.

Trillions have been invested in technologies to create relationships, it’s time to invest in technologies that can help restore them. With that in mind, we are forming a strategic partnership with Restorativ to provide next generation technology supporting Restorative Justice (RJ) solutions in the UK and beyond.

Dr. Anamika Twyman-Ghoshal, one of the founders of Restorativ, described the company as “a social enterprise that is made up of academics and technologists.” She continued, “our mission is to bring the most up-to-date mobile solutions to market to help restore relationships, in all walks of life. In partnering with the RJC, we are doing something very unique. We provide an accessible and affordable solution for RJ practices that are state or charity funded. Our solutions will also be sold to corporations that can afford to pay the full cost and will see significant benefits from adopting a restorative approach. ”

Jim Simon, CEO at the Restorative Justice Council, added, “providing new services and scaling our ability to support the RJ community needs a technological approach. Not only is Restorativ the next generation approach to RJ, it enables us to utilise important data to help evidence the many benefits of Restorative Justice and ultimately influence policy. This strategic partnership will bring significant benefits to the RJC, our members, and the wider restorative sector.”

“Restorativ is launching its mobile app, which includes embedded case management that focuses on the needs of thousands of RJ facilitators, who are often volunteers and need simple and effective mobile technology.” This partnership looks to the future by including a predictive assessment for measuring the most effective path to restoration and the ability to run virtual RJ sessions. “We are excited and committed to join Restorativ on this journey,” concluded Jim.

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