Carr Manor Community School awarded Registered Restorative Organisation status

The RJC is pleased to announce that Carr Manor Community School has been awarded Registered Restorative Organisation status.

The school’s restorative journey has evolved over 18 years, initially with the implementation of relational practices. For the last 11 years, the school has continued its journey through introduction of restorative practices. As a result of their long-term commitment, a culture of belonging has emerged which is impacting positively on the whole school community. This is exemplified within their latest Ofsted report which stated, “the relationships between staff and pupils are extremely positive.”

Carr Manor Community School provided comprehensive evidence within their portfolio, practice statements and professional discussion to demonstrate how restorative practice has been embraced across all aspects of school life

RJC Registration Decision Report (March 23)

Several restorative initiatives have been introduced which are focused on fostering strong relationships and encourage the school community to understand why relationships are important. Conversations based on restorative principles means that everyone is aware of what is expected and what is acceptable, as well as what can be done to resolve any difficulties. Continued training, dissemination and sharing of this best practice, led by the Director of Research and Development has enabled Carr Manor Community School to embed and hone these approaches, to support the whole community to flourish.

The school has invested in training a high number of pupils as ‘restorative practice representatives.’ These pupils have received specific training on how to facilitate restorative conversations and have been supported to use these skills with their peers to support self-regulation, facilitating repair, encouraging problem solving, creating connections and building relationships.

Jim Simon, the RJC’s chief executive said:

“I was particularly impressed with the outstanding level of commitment to developing a whole school approach. I commend the school for working collaboratively with staff, pupils, parents/carers and other stakeholders to improve the access to, and the understanding of, restorative language. This approach has contributed significantly to building a truly restorative community.”

Tom Shaw, Director of Research and Development, Carr Manor Community School said:

“Carr Manor Community School is committed to working in a relational and restorative way. It is good to be accredited by the RJC and recognised by the wider restorative community for the quality of what we do and the way we do it.”

Lucie Lakin, Principal, Carr Manor Community School commented:

“As a restorative organisation, we are able to ensure that we include all of our community and that we strive, thrive and succeed together. We are delighted to be recognised by the RJC for the impact of, and commitment to, this way of working.”

To find out more about how Carr Manor Community School is working restoratively, visit their website here.