Aster Group awarded Registered Restorative Organisation status

The RJC is pleased to announce that Aster Group has been awarded Registered Restorative Organisation status. The Group is the first non-criminal justice organisation to achieve Registered status with the RJC.

Aster, a housing association that believes everyone should have a home, provides safety and security through its reliable landlord services and supplies a wide range of housing options in response to the housing crisis. The Groups strength is its people and ethical approach.

The organisation has embarked on a restorative journey to create a culture which reflects restorative practice as an expectation of behaviour closely linked with cultural values. They have, over the past two years, systematically implemented and embedded restorative practices into their people policies and procedures. They have undertaken an ambitious programme of staff training which has included providing 300 of the leaders and managers restorative justice facilitation training.  Aster is currently delivering an introduction to restorative practices to 1037 staff working across the organisation.  

Jim Simon, the RJC’s chief executive said:

“Aster Group has embedded a strong restorative culture across its organisation. Senior leaders have embraced this culture and reflected their commitment within the organisation’s strategic planning, policies and procedures. Leaders highlighted to us that ‘there is an appetite across the organisation to embed a restorative culture which underpins all our people interactions’; and they have demonstrated by achieving Registered Restorative Organisation status that they are committed to delivering high quality restorative practice to nationally agreed standards.”

Julie Potts, Aster Group’s head of employee relations said:

“We’re delighted to be the first organisation outside of the Criminal Justice System to be registered with the Restorative Justice Council. We are a forward-thinking business and always looking at ways to improve our offer to our colleagues as this will, in turn, have a positive impact on our customers.”