Blog: Apr 2016

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Getting Ofsted engaged with restorative practice

25 April 2016

According to media reports over the weekend, the appointment of a new head of Ofsted is imminent. And while the people who are reportedly on the shortlist may not be familiar to most of us, this could be a very significant appointment for the future development of restorative practice.

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Do you need an offender for restorative justice?

11 April 2016

“I want to even out the power imbalance between us, to sit across the table on my terms and look into his eyes.” 

This quote, taken from a powerful excerpt from her forthcoming book, describes why Carmen Aguirre wanted to meet the man who had raped her as a teenager. This is in no way unusual. Many of the victims who I have spoken to have wanted to regain power and control, as an important step towards putting a crime behind them and moving on.