The application process

Stage 1: Apply and pay to start formal assessment process

Fill in an application form telling us about yourself, the organisation you work or volunteer for, your case supervision arrangements and your restorative experience. If you are not already an Associate Practitioner then you will need to apply to be listed as an Associate Practitioner while you complete your Direct Accreditation application. At this stage you will pay the one-off assessment fee of £300 plus VAT. 

Stage 2: Initial contact with your assessor

Once we have received your application we will assign an assessor to you who will contact you directly to discuss your application. You will have six months after the date of starting your application in which to complete and submit your portfolio. 

Stage 3: Develop online portfolio

You will need to develop an online portfolio which will include the following elements:

  • At least three case studies to evidence the National Occupational Standards criteria, based on cases you have worked on in the last three years.
  • Details of your restorative experience and training.
  • Four examples of your work products, including a completed risk assessment relating to one of your case studies.
  • Two references.

The free RJC Direct Accreditation Applicant Handbook has lots more guidance about developing your portfolio. 

You can also use the RJC Direct Accreditation case study questions template to view and complete the questions in the case studies for the online portfolio.

Stage 4: Professional discussion

Once you have completed your portfolio, your assessor will review your application. You will have a professional discussion with your assessor to assess your restorative knowledge and understanding and clarify any points raised by your application.

Stage 5: Final assessment

Your application will either be approved, require further work or not be accepted.

Once you are approved you will receive a letter and a pack containing your certificate. You will be able to display the Accredited Practitioner logo and use the designation letters APRJC (Accredited Practitioner Restorative Justice Council) after your name.

Your initial accreditation will last for two years. You will then be asked to complete the accreditation renewal process.

If your application requires further work you will receive a report showing where it needs to be developed. You will then have eight weeks to resubmit your application.

If your application is not accepted you will receive a report detailing the areas in which it needs to be developed.

Take our free self-assessment to find out if you are ready for Direct Accreditation.