Restorative Works - A Briefing for Parliamentary Candidates

We have created this document as a concise reference point for potential parliamentary candidates to understand the basics of restorative justice and how it can be implemented in various policy domains.

Monthly Bulletin - May 2024

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Monthly Bulletin - April 2024

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Monthly Bulletin - March 2024

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Restorative Justice and Harmful Sexual Behaviour - A Commentary

This paper, co written by Paul Gavin, Nadia Wager, Jill Palmer, Phil Cawley, Tony Walker and Andrew Bates, provides an analysis on the implementation of restorative justice (RJ) in cases of harmful sexual behaviour.

Monthly Bulletin - February 2024

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Monthly Bulletin - January 2024

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Strengthening the Victims and Prisoners Bill to improve access to restorative justice: A briefing for parliamentarians

This briefing provides reasoning for the enhancement of the Victims and Prisoners Bill. Its purpose is to ensure that all victims of crime have access to high-quality restorative justice services at a local level.

Restoring Relationships in Partnership with Restorativ

The benefits of RJ are well documented; it delivers results at a lower cost compared to traditional justice processes. Restorativ provides a personalised and effective solution that will meet the high standards of anyone implementing RJ:

Restorative Conversations